Weinidylle AT-HU

The project “Weinidylle AT-HU” is implemented by Naturpark in der Weinidylle (Nature Park in the Wine Idyll) and the Hungarian associations Hegypásztor Kör (Vinehill Sheperds) and Vasi Hegyhát – Rábamente Tourism in the period 2018-2020 as a cross-border project within the INTERREG AT-HU program.
The Burgenland-Hungarian border region has a rich natural and cultural heritage. A special feature are the numerous idyllic wine cellars (also called “Kellerstöckl”), of which hardly any are still used for their original purpose of viticulture. Many of the buildings are architecturally interesting and worthy of protection and make a significant contribution to the tourist USP of the region. However, only a very small number of historic wine cellars are currently used for tourism purposes and rented out as Kellerstöckl apartments, although international demand for these regional special offers is increasing. The aim of the project is to network the tourism offerings of the project region more cross-border, to work more attractively and to work together to develop a cross-border wine experience region in accordance with today’s guest needs.
Together with the project consultancy Schlögl, we support the nature park as lead partner in its administrative tasks.

project partner: Projektberatung Schlögl


Naturpark in der Weinidylle