SRO_peripherals: Strategies for the Spatial Development of the Peripheral Areas in the Eastern Regions

The Austrian Conference on Spatial Planning’s (ÖROK) population forecasts display clearly that all regions are facing inevitable changes that must be adapted to. In these forecasts, the growth in the number of aging people combined with a decline of the youth plays a major role. Communities must quickly adjust to this and begin to consider how they will adapt their infrastructure. Regions that find ways to engage the aging part of the population in the community stand to benefit from the financial stability that the elderly have achieved through their retirement pensions.
This project concentrates on all of the eastern regions that have been left behind by the the development of dynamic agglomerations and are now characterized by their steady or predicted exodus of people and workers. These developing trends, as well as declining municipal budgets, require specific actions on the part of the communities and their regional political bodies.


Planungsgemeinschaft Ost (PGO, Planning Association East)