Servus Pontis

There is much to experience in the seven Austrian municipalities and four Slovak districts. However, until now this is only known by a small group of insiders.

Through the EU-funded project “Servus Pontis” Čunovo, Deutsch Jahrndorf, Edelstal, Gattendorf, Jarovce, Nickelsdorf, Kittsee, Pama, Petržalka, Rusovce and Zurndorf together call attention to the touristic sights and events in the region. The most beautiful sights of the region are presented in a tourist guide and a culture compass.

Bicycle routes connect the municipalities physically. Nice spots, rest areas for cyclers, drinking fountains or oversized chess boards make the routes even more attractive;
Signs about the region and the project offer information about the touristic treasures in the region.

But not only the bicycle routes and sights should draw the inhabitants into neighbouring municipalities – they are also warmly welcomed at local events. For example at the annual Rusovce Day or the fair in Nickelsdorf – guests always have different opportunities. In order to overcome communication barriers the municipalities offer possibilities for further education, for instance in Edelstal people can learn the Slovak language.


Regionalverband Leithaauen Neusiedler See