Römerland 2040

The region of Römerland Carnuntum is becoming more and more interesting for private individuals, companies and organizations from home and abroad. Never before has there been so much pressure from outside, and never before has the demand for land been so great as it is today.

At the same time, the quality of life of the people should be maintained and even increase now and in the future. To achieve this, the various interests from the economic, social and environmental sectors must be coordinated – and this can only succeed if all the communities in the region plan and act together with foresight.

Models are to be developed for this cooperation between the communities. The project employs various methods:

In a so-called “participatory scenario process”, ideas are developed on how the Roman Carnuntum region can become a model region for transformation and redesign. In a scenario process one examines as precisely as possible and from many different angles how different measures could have an effect.
In “Serious Games” (translated: serious games, learning games) the participants deal with planned projects in a playful way. This allows them to try out what consequences different actions might have. At the same time, learning games are also intended to promote a sense of attachment to the project
In two real labs, concrete projects are carried out and tested for their applicability and usefulness.


LEADER Region Römerland Carnuntum, TU Wien