Joint Ambrosia Action

The pollen of the Ambrosia artemisiifolia plant, commonly known as Ragweed, are regarded as especially agressive in triggering alergic reactions. They are responsible for  substantial economical losses. While Hungary is fighting the plant by applying organisatorical and juridical measures, there are no measures implemented against the plant in Austria up until now. There is neither a regulated procedure for recording and combating ragweed nor any cooperation with the Hungarian authorities. This imbalance in the administrative systems’ ability to act represents a major challenge for the border region – especially Burgenland is affected. As Ragweed does not stop at the border, the problem can only be tackled through joint action.

The aim of this project is the establishment of a sustaibable cooparation between Austrian and Hungarian administrative and research institutions dealing with Ragweed control. This transfer of know-how leads to benefits for both sides and improves the quality of public service and thus the quality of life for the citizens.

mecca supports the Province of Burgenland in its administrative tasks.


Office of the Federal Government of Burgenland, Abteilung 2