Rich in ideas: CENTROPE

With an “ideas” travel guide we highlighted how to find the creative, business and cultural potential of CENTROPE. Diversity is the strength of the region that covers the intersection of 4 countries: Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

The travel guide “Rich in Ideas: CENTROPE” contains many exciting destinations. As a unique mixture between natural and urban flair in this highly diverse region. We guide you to exciting and unconventional destinations that we’ve divided into five categories for you: museums, initiatives, tourist projects, business and research. By putting these together, our goal is to introduce you to the unique vibrancy of the region. The guide introduces you to innovative and novel businesses that are producing additional value for the region. You should get a unique impression of CENTROPE; about the specialities and many outstanding ideas and exciting initiatives in that region.

In total, the travel guide highlights 88 destinations that are located all around CENTROPE.

Countries: AT, SK, CZ, HU
project partner: iService Medien & Werbeagentur