Feasibility Study: nextbike Sopron

The bicycle rental system “nextbike” functions as a link between individual and public transportation. Nextbike offers everyone without access to their own bicycle the opportunity to travel short distances within the city quickly and comfortably. In addressing traffic issues, the combination of nextbike with public transit options is a sensible approach. The bicycles do not have to be brought back to the starting point but can be dropped at any bike station in the city. Rather than cost-intensive high tech solutions, nextbike offers a simple and affordable rent-a-bike system. nextbike has already installed a successful network of return stations in more than 20 cities in Austria, Germany and New Zealand. The feasibility study analysed the requirements for setting up a nextbike network in the city of Sopron.

The aim of the feasibility study is to point out, under which circumstances it is possible to establish this type of public bike sharing system in Sopron.

project partner: Scardobona Conulting Kft.


Mobility Centre Burgenland