Evaluation of the PaNaNet project

The PaNaNet’s 14 participating regions were: 4 national parks (National Park Neusiedlersee-Seewinkel in Austria and Fertő-Hanság, Örség and Balaton-felvidék National Parks in Hungary), all 6 nature parks in Burgenland (Neusiedlersee-Leithagebirge, Rosalia-Kogelberg, Landseer Berge, Geschriebenstein, Weinidylle and Raab) and 4 nature parks in West Hungary (Sopron, Irottkő, Örség and Kerka). 
The overarching goal of the PaNaNet project is to improve the acceptance of protected areas through raising awareness within the population regarding the value of protected areas for both quality of life and economic opportunities. Through the permanent networking of the pannonian protected areas they should be able to establish themselves as offering a distinctive nature experience. The continued development of existing facilities is important, as well as focused preparations to attract new target groups to the new nature tourism opportunities.


Regional Management of Burgenland