ETIA Course on Environmental Project Management

Project management is the new “must have” skill set for young professionals and newcomers in the international career scene. Sooner or later during your career, you will come into touch with this topic.

The course is practical oriented, and students should gain  a solid foundation in what it means to conduct a project and how to do it right.

Starting with an introduction to the field and basic concepts students are asked to come up with our own project ideas. This task involves a lot of teamwork and good communication among project members, especially taking. The project might be  fictional or something you really want do develop

  • Students should bring some background-knowledge concerning the suggested project and topic
  • The project must be a manageable in the framework of our course
  • Within the course we will elaborate the project in detail (with the 13 steps method)


Diplomatische Akademie Wien, TU Wien