City of Ferlach: Centre for Creativity and Education

The aim of this project is to entrench Ferlach (Carinthia) as a distinct centre for creativity, training and development through the setup of subject-specific networks and the establishment of a start-up initiative. The main objective is the generation and the preservation of jobs. Therefore, the following priorities are being set:

– Positioning the City of Ferlach as a centre for creativity and education in Carithia/Austria
– Unlocking potentials of the existing polytechnic (HTBLVA Ferlach), specialised companies and the citizens of Ferlach
– Positioning the City of Ferlach as a business location for HTBLVA graduates and company founders
– Setup and expansion of networks of existing companies in Ferlach, company founders and companies willing to settle

project partner: Institut für Zukunftskompetenzen


City of Ferlach (Carinthia)