E_PROFIL is a set of methods (an IT-supported toolkit) for the elaboration of neighbourhood profiles. The aim of the project is to facilitate an energy and resource efficient development in the planning practice of Austrian cities. Furthermore, the project is an important asset for research and planning activities in Europe and can also be applied to other neighbourhoods.

project partners: Institute of Spatial Planning (Vienna University of Technology; Research Units: Urban and Regional Research, Public Finance and Infrastructure Policy), Department of Building Physics and Building Ecology (Vienna University of Technology), Research Institute of Urban Management and Governance (Vienna University of Economics and Business), City of Linz (Geschäftsbereich Planung, Technik und Umwelt), Linz AG, Ars Electronica Center, Linz

www.nachhaltigwirtschaften.at, www.eprofil.at


Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology