Ecotourism and Canoeing at the Leitha River

The main objective of this cross-border project is the establishment of a sustainable canoeing tourism industry, which brings an added value to the regional economy, while operating within the framework of ETC AT-HU. The river Leitha, located in the border region between Austria and Hungary, offers many opportunities for an excellent canoeing experience. The ‘Small Leitha’ area is especially well-suited for beginners. In order to establish canoeing as a viable tourist industry for the region, the needed infrastructure (marinas, signage, water-sports centre) has to be built or modernised and the waterway has to be cleared on a regular basis. Trough this type of sustainable water tourism, the regional added value can be increased and existing networks can be extended.

Countries: AT, HU


Regionalverband Leithaauen Neusiedler See