Space and Energy Potentials in Eastern Austria

For the first time, the energy potential from renewable sources such as biomasse, wind and geothermal have been measured in Eastern Austria. Utlitizing GIS Modelling software, the energy potential from areas as large as Municipalities and as small as ‘micro regions’ have been graphically displayed. This tool will act as an important asset as regions develop their future energy policies. This project was successfully developed by engaging in focused and regular communication with all key stakeholders.

Service catalogue

  • Content research and analysis
  • Overall project management, information transfer and documentation
  • Organisation and Moderation of the steering group of the PGO
  • Organisation and moderation of several expert workshops
  • Support of additional (external) modules
  • Final reporting and preparation of the map collection

Project partner: PGO – Planning Committee East

Project Website: link


Planungsgemeinschaft Ost