Seminar: Spatial and Environmental Planning in Central and Eastern Europe

The seminar acts as platform for international experts in spatial and environmental planning to clarify and analyse the space and environment politics within their countires. Covered issues so far: Spatial and Environmental Planning in CEE (2009) | Ready, Steady, Go – Strategies how to integrate into European spatial development policies (2007) | „Ideal European regions“ versus „Real European regions“ (2005) | Myths of Metropolis – Urban Density versus Spatial Spreading. The Processes of Concentration in European „Reform Countries“ revisited (2003) | National Spatial Planning in regard to European spatial Development (2002) | National Parks: Treasure or Burden for Regional Development (2000) | Urban Development: „Different problems – Different approaches?“ (1999) | Regional Development Policies (1998)

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  • Organisation and moderation
  • Communication and coordination with international experts
  • Lecturing at the UT Vienna

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Department for Spatial Development, Infrastructure and Environment Planning, UT Vienna, Regional Planning and Regional Development Section