Spatial Planning in Santana, Romania

As a part of a pan-regional effort to develop a master plan for country development, mecca drafted a set of planning atlases for the city of Santana in the Romanian Banat region. The atlases display Santana’s current situation based on large scale measures of European standards at both a local and a regional level. It also displays the current and future opportunities for Santana’s development. The collection was prepared in English and Romanian.

Service catalogue:

Drafting the atlas collection with the following geographical and thematic set-up:
  • Position in Europe, supra-regional, regional
  • Santana and its surroundings: main roads and railroads; agriculture and industry
  • Detailed view: roads and railroads; spatial planning: centres and subcentres; zoning: protected areas; living: expansion areas; shopping and technical services; tourism; health services; education and leisure, sports; culture and public buildings