Roadmap “Agenda For Urban Regions in Austria”

The aim of the roadmap “Agenda For Urban Regions in Austria” is to establish urban regions as fields of political action.

The roadmap shows the next steps, containing the main focuses and guide- and timelines. The roadmap relies on an interaction to the ÖREK-recommondation “Für eine Stadtregionspolitik in Österreich”, which arised from the ÖREK 2011. It focus is on measures which strengthen the political weight of planning and acting in an urban region.

Service catalogue:

  • Data Research
  • Involvement of and coordination with participating actors
  • Discussion and answering of
    • What is/is not the aim?
    • What are possible measures?
    • What could be further steps: including Who? When? What?


Geschäftsstelle der Österreichischen Raumordnungskonferenz (ÖROK)