People in Centrope – Exhibition Bratislava

The exhibit, “People in Centrope” was prepared by mecca & partners in 2008 on behalf of the Collective Planning Committee East and the City of Vienna (MA 18).  Placed within the City Hall of Bratislava, the exhibit provided comprehensive insight into the planning and development activities in the CENTROPE Region.
With support from out partners, Iservice and ComPress we prepared a large and open exhibit that welcomed Rudolf Schicker (Vienna), Deputy Mayor of Bratislava; Dr. Tomáš Korček, Thomas Madreiter (Spatial Planning, Vienna) and Dr. Michal Babiar (Spatial Planning, Bratislava).


Service catalogue:

  • Exhibit design
  • Organisation of exhibit construction and removal
  • Preparation of content (publication, poster, invitations
  • Layout and printing of Brochures
  • Coordination of translation of documents into Slovakish
  • Meeting organisation
Countries: AT, SK
Project partner: iService
Project Website:


PGO - Planning Committee East