Unlimited Health Together

There is still catching-up to be done in terms of cross-border cooperation in providing health care in the Lower Austria-Czech Republic border region. The aim of the EU-funded (INTERREG AT-CZ) project “Unlimited Health Care” is to optimize health care provision for residents by building up networks, providing the direct link-up on the spot and cutting across the national border.

An endometriosis centre is being established in the Melk (Lower Austria) hospital, based on knowledge transfer from Znojmo (which is an EU-certified endometriosis centre) to Melk. Radiotherapy treatment of Austrian patients in the hospital in Znojmo is to be enabled. The Czech hospital in Znojmo is not far from the border and has capacity for additional patients; patients from Lower Austria should receive radiotherapy treatment there. Cross-border emergency cooperation is to be established with Lower Austria, South Bohemia and South Moravia. This project means that the emergency control centres of Lower Austria, South Bohemia and South Moravia should be linked through a web application that enables cross-border dispatch of ambulances.

mecca supports this project with cross-border project management.


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