EUREGIO Forum Profi

The EUREGIO forum brought Lower Austria together with its’ neighbours ┬ábased on their common interest in cross-border programs to promote sustainability. In light of the adoption of the “Lead Partner Principle” and in combination with the new programme planning period, the partners are facing many new challenges. It is therefore especially important to establish a common structure for cross-border cooperation between regional institutions and to ensure that the network that is established is capable of taking on (and overcoming) these new challenges in every facet of the program.

Service catalogue:

  • Establishement of networks
  • Organisation and management of networks
  • Design of communication instruments
  • Implementation of training methods
  • Technical support, seminars, know-how transfer, staff training (SME-service, regional integration, communication, networks and integrated tourism development)

Countries: AT, SK, HU

Project partner: West Pannon Regional Development Agency, Regional Development Association Central Lower Austria, Regional Management of Burgenland

Project Website:


Government of Lower Austria