BAUM Spatial development concept

The region around Bratislava is characterized by a strong growth dynamic. Therefore numberous initiatives to coordinate the development of Bratislava with that of the surrounding communities (COBRA, COBRA + TREE) have been launched. Now the representatives of the Austrian municipalities and of the federal states of Lower Austria and Burgenland have agreed to entrust someone to elaborate a spatial development concept for the Austrian surroundings of Bratislava.

The longterm goal is to coordinate the spatial development of the surroundings with the city of Bratislava. An urban study was  elaborated, which dealt with the ongoing cooperation with the Austrian municipalities, among other things.

mecca applied itself together with RaumRegionMensch and to the preparation of the spatial development concept for the 14 Austrian Municipalities.

Service catalogue:

  • Analysis and preperation of already existing plans
  • Elaboration of leading functions and development emphases
  • Development of a catalouge of measures
  • Structuring of the planning process
  • Conception of the ongoing cooperation process
  • Presentation at and organization of communal workshops and regional forums


Regional Management of Lower Austria