Demographic situation in Bucklige Welt-Wechselland

Within the upcoming six months a demography-check will be conducted for the municipalities and companies in the LEADER region Bucklige Welt – Wechselland. The focus lies on a sector-check for economy and tourism, which is a service for the regional companies and municipalities. They will recieve the results, showing how well the company is organized now and what measures and strategies are recommended for the future.

Pilot projects will be developed and conducted together with regional actors. An online survey assesses current problems and desires of regional companies.

Service catalogue:

  • Regional analysis, hat assesses developments in the municipalities and companies and results in a report about the status quo
  • Sector-check for Economy and Tourism through an online survey for the companies
  • Regional information and networking events
  • Tailor-made thematic workshops/choachings for companies and assistance with conduction of pilot projects
  • The outcome is a “Regional Business Plan Demography with recommendations for Politics and Economy and tailor made strategies and offers for the region


ECO Plus, LEADER Region Bucklige Welt-Wechselland