European Region – People in Centrope

The exibition “European Region – People in Centrope” presents the economic, ecological and social development of the European cross-border region Centrope, which covers parts of Austria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. A in-depth document detailing more that 50 different topics related to the Cooperative Planning Committee East was produced for the event. The project received an award of excellence from the UNESCO-Commission for it’s contributions to the UN “Decades Project”.

Service catalogue:

  • Project management and coordination
  • Exhibit design
  • Detailed definition of the concept and topics
  • Broad research concerning contents and illustrations
  • Editing of the exhibition panels and the publication
  • Guided tours and organisation of events
  • Public Relations

Project Website:



Magistrat der Stadt Wien - MA 18, Stadtentwicklung und Stadtplanung, Öffentlichkeitsarbeit und Wissensmanagement, Planungsgemeinschaft Ost